John Ashby is both a parent and a teacher.  As the owner of PeeWee Sports & Fitness in the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana area, Mr. John, as he is known, brings an unmatched enthusiasm for his work to many satisfied families who have enrolled their children in his program.

From his experience born of 29 years as a childhood educator and first hand raising two young daughters, Mr. John presents an understanding of the connection between diet and fitness needed to maintain healthy growing bodies.

His style possesses skilled leadership in a fun setting. This year round program is taught both indoors and outside, weather permitting. PeeWee Sports & Fitness encourage exercise, fitness, and confidence building along with healthy diet choices to build a lifetime of smart habits.

**The photo to the left pays homage to our own version of the Olympics! We play all sorts of game. This happens every 4 years… the kids get to learn about the real Olympic Games… at the end of our Olympics, everyone is a Gold Medal Winner!

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